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10 Oct

Inflate Mate

If you like pineapples, donuts or unicorns, you’d be surprised you can now swim on one! Today we proudly represent inflatable floats brand – Inflate Mate. Watermelons, pineapples and golden swans or pink flamingos is what you can find there for your rocking vacation! There is something wild and youthful about the brand. Popularised amongst festive people, inflatable floats are on fire this season! Inflate Mate label was born with an inspiration to keep summer alive and make holidays even more memorable.



The wide brand’s assortment will come with a light overwhelment as it ranges from exciting food to animal floats. Who would not wish a new swimming pool buddy as a gold swan or a unicorn? Tired wave surfers might even choose an inflatable watermelon to jump onto! Thus, if you’re going to the beach, guess who’s your new beach towel going to be?!



The idea behind the inflatable float is to pamper your holiday time and make it even more fun and special. Why not surprise your friends and leave an impact by bringing a gigantic and pretty Inflate Mate to a house party or a day at the beach? Spicy up your youth and shop your favourite Inflate Mate here: We guarantee you the below awesomeness! Get inspired from the below images featuring Inflate Mate’s Gold Swan and a Watermelon!



Shop your mate here: https://www.inflatemate.com or follow their creative Instagram @inflate.mate


Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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