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17 Aug

How to Wear Utility Pants

We all know everybody’s resistance to wearing cargo utility trousers as they are still considered too masculine for many of us. But what if we pair them with a modern white top and a pair of chic heels? This is the easiest elevation to lift up this old trend to a new modern level. Today we are styling pastel utility trousers to recreate a feminine look with a touch of elegance. The fun fact that they don’t necessarily have to be in military or khaki prints. In the same way, you can dress up modern cool with some other neutral or brighter shades.
Here is a quick look of how to look good in utility trousers. And a secret combination to that is: a crop top and a chic pair of heels.
Top // Sadie Clayton // Wear the Walk
Trousers // Mango
Shoes // Sante Shoes
Handbag // United
Sunglasses // Celine
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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