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29 Jan

How to Wear Orange | Editor’s Note

For someone’s admiration it might be the colour to love or hate yet today’s topic is about wearing and loving orange. The colour that is so deeply cherished by Hermes, is to be taken seriously this season. If you are being daunted by not knowing were to start styling this colour – we are here to share some tricks ant tips!
Styling Tip No.1 – White vs. Orange
Colour coding is not the easiest task to do for an everyday life. That must be one of the reasons people get locked up wearing black very often. But think simple. Everyone has to love wearing white and the advantage here – there isn’t a shade that could possibly go wrong with it.
 Now, see how a combination of Wide Leg trousers vs. orange sweater works here? I bet you’re getting hocked up on it.
Styling Tip No.2 – Light Shaded Boots
If chosen to wear white trousers and orange sweater, which can also be the other way around, wear light shaded boots. To spicy the game up we are adding light brown shoes with  snake skin imitation. Although, if you’re choosing to wear orange trousers vs. White sweater – the game might change oppositely as you’re allowed to pull on darker boots, or else – white pair of sneakers! This is just to show how to undress this look for a sporty yet classy chic.
 Styling Tip N0.3 – Purple Accessories
When it comes to handbag, it is definitely our favourite part.   Yet we are not choosing the easiest way. Since we’re all about promoting colours, we are also promoting the pink vs. orange combination. That is why we are adding a light pink and purple shaded tweed handbag which is ultimately adding more style to the whole look.
 Feeling inspired? Play up with some other accessories you may have such as adding a pair of black sunglasses (you cannot go wrong with cat-eyes this spring) and prettify your neck with a minimal scarf.
Forget black & white and wear white & orange!
See you next Monday!
Simone xx
Editor In Chief
Sunglasses / Celine // Pret a Voir
Sweater // H&M
Trousers // Closet London
Photography by Gus Snarskis
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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