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4 Sep

How to Style Floral Dresses

Since layering season is officially here, it is that time of the year again to think about investing in some stylish key pieces! Floral patterns are strongly governing runaways this year and as much as they were popular in summer, many of us will struggle to say goodbye to locking them out for colder seasons. We have teamed up to give you some easy style tips of how to rock floral patterned dresses 365! It is a happy momemnt for those who like layering, as wearing floral dress in autumn has never been easier.

Style No. 1: Floral Dress Over Denim

Yes, floral dresses are not only meant to be worn with tights. Forget tights and grab your forgotten pair of ripped denim, pull on a brightly patterened floral dress, a pair of bright matching heels and joing in the brave fashionistas styling club! You’ll look unique, you’ll look fashion forward and you will be original!

Style No.2: Floral Dress with Sock Boots

For those that are unsure about wearing dreses over pants, there is another exciting solution – sock boots. Ankle boots, calf boots or even OTK boots sock boots will be coming your ways a lot in the high street shops, thus do not hesitate to invest in a pair! Not only they will be great alternative for socks, butwill also go with jeans, culottes, dresses and skirts! Black leather biker jacket will also help and is always style friendly choice!

Shop our created looks below!

Long Sleeved Frill Black Skater Dress // AX Paris

Red Mules // Billi Bi

Rust Floral Bardot Printed Dress // AX Paris

Black Sock Boots // Daniel Footwear

Black Studded Box Bag // Hieleven


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