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20 Jan

Home Decor According to Your Horoscope with Wayfair

If you’re a believer in astrology signs this post is just for you! Today we are glancing into home decor predictions for 2020 according to your horoscope with Wayfair. You can check out your predictions here. It is not only necessary to tidy your wardrobes and shelves for the beginning of the new year but also worth to design your home in accordance to your astrological signs for a more harmonious living. If you are still wondering why, the quickest explanation is: If you’re surrounded with goods that do not go with your personality or don’t serve you a happy purpose, these can work as negative triggers in your daily life. Today we are going to apply Wayfair’s predictions for Aquarius that are prognoses to like abstract and Art Deco interiors.

We have picked up a gold glass Dawlish Coffee Table for our living room to add extra elegance and glamour, and a grey Alexia Tufted Grey/Silver Rug to tone everything down. This has helped us to add more style and character to our living area.

We couldn’t emphasise enough how important is a good dressing table to a woman. We picked up a classic white Merrick Dressing Table to add up to our timeless decor.

Shop the your home decor as predicted by Wayfair Horoscope at www.wayfair.co.uk

Edited by Simone Stabinskaite

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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