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15 Sep


London, Saturday night out and 10 past 3am am in the morning. Having danced through the night, what would Your biggest wish be? Wouldn’t that be to take those pretty but painful high heels off? It would probably be to change into pretty lows, or should we say ‘Heelow’s’? The Simone has the prettiest rescue brand Heelow from Stocholm, which offers a wide range of surprisingly beautiful flat party shoes.




Founded by two ladies almost a decade ago, Heelow shoes are here to comfort your sore party feet. Feminine designs, and stylish shapes is an absolute win win to any ladies wardrobe. Designs varying from the classic pointed toe flats on a low block heel to a fancy ballerinas. Cute enough, some designs are adorned with ribbons up the front or at the back of the flats, which make you want to put your feet straight away! Not only they are excellent shoes for special occasions, they can also point you out through the office or pamper up any other casual outfit!



Here we are, strolling through the little Spanish cobbled towns in Heelow Oyster Pink shoes with a ribbon at the back. Bloomingly beautiful pair, isn’t it?


Shop your next party party pair here: http://heelow.com/en/mor follow them in Instagram @heelowstockholm


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