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22 May

Funk it up | KreaFunk

Music has evolved to be an inseparable part of our lives since the early days. Whether it is a way to relax, create a mood or be more productive, music can find a place in all of our hearts. Thanks to super modern technologies, that are speeding up with our demanding needs, we can now forget the world around us and listen to your favourite tracks in a stylish wireless headphones, which means hands free – dance moves on!

KreaFunk has been around since 2011 and are luckily supplying us with the highest quality sound systems for our urban lives. Starting from the portable powerbank s for your phones to portable stereo party speakers, Kreafunk is here to satisfy our demands for good quality music in a high tech sounds.

Their Ahead stylish wireless headphones have been put on, turned on loud and tested all of the way on a most remote flight environment. Loading result is an excellent lock up of surrounding sounds and full creation of perfect dynamic sounds. We have to mention the modern design too – sleek texture with golden details create a very luxurious look indeed. The battery is long lasting and stay trustworthy up to 14 hours. The soft Leather earmuffs cosily adapt to your ears with an extendable graceful headband. All in all – here we have a perfectly unisex wireless headphones to cheer up your life moments if simply were on your own, off to the gym or on travel adventures.

Funk it up with Kreafunk and fall in love with music one more time! Shop at: www.kreafunk.com

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