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12 Apr

Flower Shopping | Prene Bags

We guess many of you love flower shopping on weekends. The Simone strolled to the flower market on the sunniest Saturday in London and guess which bag we chose to look great? Prene Bags introduce us to a new kind of trendy and vegan lifestyle with their sustainable stylish looking shopper bags or backpacks.

Inspiring colour range, comfortable design and beautifully looking bags are extremely style friendly and can have so many styling purposes. Whether you are looking for a grocery, flower or simply a gym bag – Prene bags are the greatest addition to your everyday essentials. Not only it is the most convenient shopper bag but it also serves as a perfectly sized travel handbag. Long handles softly cuddle your hands or shoulders, alternatively.

Since one of the best AW17 colours are metallic, we went full fashion forward and picked the silver shade. Not only this shade looks fresh and nice in spring, it will also serve as a stylish bag for colder season too!


The Simone has gone for feminine colours and styled soft pink velvety shades with the metallic silver Prene Bag. We know you are into pleated skirts this season, thus we have an all chic inspiration for you to beautifully rock Prene Bag! Remember pink and metallic silver is a great combination!

Shop your new bag at www.prenebags.com or follow the brand on Instagram @prenebags

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