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12 Apr


Every self-loving female knows that underwear is half as powerful as outerwear. Feeling comfort underneath your clothes can add confidence and femininity coins. But feeling attractive and sensual in your intimates is really rewarding. Feiminn is a fresh lingerie label that offers deliciously outstanding feminine underwear. Feiminn, meaning ‘shy’ in Icelandic, has an exquisite collection of alluring and sensitive combos for ladies that want to feel wild and free. Their black bralettes and and bottoms are triangle shaped and made from see through materials. Deep black beautifully patterned cotton flowers elegantly cover necessary parts. Soft stretch waistbands and adjustable straps perfectly adapt and make you feel extra comfortable and relaxed.

Want to feel attractive not only for yourself but for your man as well? We are sure they do not mind and Feiminm can be a perfect surprise.

Don’t forget that your body is watching you. Spare some time and treat yourself from the glamorous Feiminn collection. Visit: http://www.feiminn.com and follow them on Instagram @_feiminn

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