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11 Apr

Fashion Studs | AGL Footwear

Who does not love some made to perfection Italian footwear? Screamingly famous for the finest leather and best fashion sense,Italian quality is hard to not knock you out off your feet! Today we are excited to uplift Italian shoes label of the brilliance – Atillio Giusti Leombruni and in short, AGL.



A simple ‘wow’ is what purely describes a master shoes label. AGL shoes are accompanied by many ‘wow’s when looking at their outstanding collection. Their passionate designs are arising from the extremely artistic mind. Incredibly talented and professional craftsmanship offers us super elegant and always fashion forward impressive footwear. The brand’s attention to details is a true specialty and that is followed by undeniably comfortable fits. It is the the brand that knows how the art of adornments. Each pair is made in a unique and jaw-dropping way.

Today we are paying attention to their stud mastership. The Simone picks up 2 pairs – both completely different and both so versatile. The first featured pair is the classic studded sandals on a block heel. The simple yet impressive style is adorned with snake leather imitation, fur strap and metal studs at the back of the heel. We must agree it creates a feminine but a very powerful appearance at the same time.


The second pair that is worth special attention is the Brave Bride Sneakers. Indeed it is the pair for a brave and enthusiastic women. And maybe for those who are brave enough to walk down the isle with the prettiest sneakers in the fashion industry! Why deserved? The pair is snow white, the platform is lifter and what is more, the sides are adorned with some embroidery, knitted and crystal flowers, and if that is not enough – the front of the shoe is studded. It is the shoe that empowers femininity and sensitivity all in one at the same time reminding us about our superpowers.

If going for a new pair of shoes, go for the ones that are unique and special. Go for AGL www.agl.com

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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