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2 Sep

Fashion Slippers | INUIKII

Have you ever seen how a super stylish and seriously pampered fashion slippers look like? It’s INUIKII! It is the brand that approaches style in a more exciting and extravagant way. Their designs are refined and delightful, their fit is soft and comfortable just like walking on clouds, and their imagination is creative. INUIKII offers a beautiful range of luxuriously looking slippers for hot summer days or simply your warm holidays all year round. 

The sandals come in a wide range soft bed designs whose upper part is 100% handmade. The slippers elegantly adapt to your feet in style and glamour with heavenly light and soft fit. Sparkling or knitted adornments is the brand’s signature style that simply governs your heart from the first sight. Once tried, you will need no need to look out for other slippers! INUIKII game is strong, style is unique and shine is bright! 
We are sending you an inspiring summer look edited by the Simone for a warm city strolls in elegant shite dress, yellow shirt and golden INUIKIIs. We see it as a perfect pair and comfortable pair to say goodbye to the leaving summer and greeeting golden autumn. See how the slippers outstand? Get yours now at www.inuikii.com
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