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2 Nov

Fashion Mules by Rhita Sebti

What is the easiest pair of shoes for you to wear? For some of us it might be a pair of sneakers, but for us today are the mules. Our full attention goes to an innovative and unique footwear label by Rhita Sebti whose collection of luxury mules from Marocco is simply outstanding. It has everything: artistic sense of style, uniqueness and fashion forward designs.

Their colourful mules collection starts with care directly from hands of skilful artisans in Marocco. Creative minds are outshining in the spectacular Rhita Sebti’s designs who’s signature feature is a platform mule in contrasting palettes, with luxurious embellishments and editorial worth of appearance. It is that extra pair of shoe that effortlessly lift and spicy up any kind of outfit, should there be a pair of denim, leather trousers or simply a silky pajamas.

Our philosophy and highest recomendations are to invest in shoes that have the story and the reason to buy and wear them. Life is too short for boring footwear. Rhita Sebti’s philosophy lies into that extra pair of shoe that bring happiness and attention whilst wearing them. The platform feature has its reasons too. Not inly it gives some hight and is more comfortable to wear than flats, but also is the greatest alternative for heels.

Get inspired by how The Simone Magazine edited two of Rhita Sebti designs that are sleek, extraordinary and real style statement footwear.

Discover the brand on socials as @rhitasebticollections


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