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7 Oct

Fall Wardrobe with Winser London

Green Coat    Dominating through the Prada and even Gucci runaways green is becoming a real eye-catcher. Choose the colour palette from olive green to deep emerald to add some liveliness into your style. Think sweater, blazers and coats and you will see that the colour is not difficult to be matched at all. It easily goes with whites, tonal greens, yellows AND blacks. Winser London has the ultimate double faced coat of dreams in the beautiful and crisp green. Made from the finest merino wool, it will be your statement coat through the colder season.

Cashmere Scarf   If there is a better way to compliment your daily fall trench, that must be an oversized scarf. Maxi shawls are a great investment into your wardrobe in general and will undoubtedly last through many seasons. Choosing neutral colours such as light camel will be a win this season, and choosing it in refined garments such as cashmere not only add luxuriousness to your look but also quality. Here is how we styled an all neutral look featuring Winser London Oversized Cashmere Wrap.

All Blue Leisurewear   Sunday in Noting Hill. What would you choose to wear? Wouldn’t that be a stylish and stretchy wide leg trousers and a soft polo neck? Simple as it is, we colour tone an all blue leisure look featuring Winser London’s newest collection. We have paired the Emma Miracle Trousers with a timeless merino wool polo neck. To elevate the whole look we are matching this colour with white accessories – pointed booties and white handbag. And here you have that clean elegant look to keep you warm and in style through the chilly days.

English Tweed   Here is something special for the classic and timeless style lovers featuring some English Tweed. Heritage tweed is happily having a return this season and together with other checks can be classified as the top trends to wear. You can even pick your favourite colour combination, but today we are all about the old good black & white. Winser London does not stop surprising us with its finest quality and excellent tailoring. We are underdressing the rather business smart casual tweed trousers with a gorgeous cream knitwear sweater. Pair it with heels or a sweater – booth looks will be effortlessly elegant.

Green Turtle Neck   Adding up to the green, if you are too shy to go that bold with coats, pick a lovely green polo neck. And add high waisted green trousers. If it is too much colours for you, pair it with black. Trust us, that pop of colour will be enough to be on the trend wave and look both modern and sophisticated with your sense of style.

Purple Autumn   When time comes to put our whites and yellows favourites apart, purple comes very well in hand. In SS18 we have enjoyed lilac colours mastering the high-streets. The god news is. Deep purples perfectly replace that shade and can be called as the ultimate autumn colour to have this season. It can be boots, it can be bag but our highest recommendations go to the coats or scarves. We would like to emphasise Winser London’s smart outerwear – double faces stole with pockets. Quench it with a belt and add over the knee boots to see some Parisian femininity arising in our style.

  Shop Winser London at www.winserlondon.comStyled & Edited by Simone StabinskaitePhotography by Gus Snarskis

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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