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22 Nov

Everyday Statement Jewellery | Siner London

Founded by the digital fashion creator Simona Snarskis, Siner London is a new contemporary everyday statement jewellery brand focusing on modern and effortlessly stylish designs to adorn your everyday looks. It is a quality affordable jewellery that will elegantly get you covered for both day and sizzling dinner events.

The range offers a carefully curated chunky gold statement chain necklaces and matching bracelets plus a selection of stylish hoop earrings too keep you dressed at any time of day. The collection is created for modern millennial women who love to accessorise no matter day or occasion. Siner London is passionate about the power of jewellery and the confidence it can add to women’s looks.


All Siner London jewellery is 22K gold plated brass. The brand is proud that 50% of the brass that is used in the making of the jewellery is made from recycled leftover/brass.

Siner London carefully curated jewellery collection is full of must-have everyday staple pieces that will carry you all-year-round in style and glamour. at Siner they use a layer of clear resin to prolong its durability for you to enjoy your shiny jewellery longer!

Explore the brand here: www.siner.co.uk or on socials @sinerlondon


  • Moons Chunky Hoop Earrings


Edited by Simona Snarskis


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