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18 May

Eminentes Paris

The Simone was delighted to discover this absolutely unique French label Eminentes Paris, which offers extraordinary and stylish jewellery and accessories. Our eyes have been caught on the featured creative watch. Isn’t the watch most essential day to day accessory? Not only it guides you through the day and night but can also be a great adornment to your style. The black bicycle animated on its dial calculates your precious minutes with smile and style. It is a perfect example of how to add some fun and originality to your accessories. Innovation should be the new inspiration for trendy ladies. You can also count your time with style – browse and shop at: http://www.eminentes.com/#!home/b5o4f and follow them on their gorgeous Instagram: @Eminentes_Paris




If only we could stop the time sometimes?

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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