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7 Aug

Embroidered Blouse by My Caramele

A craft that has been around for thousand years is reliving its moments in various forms of fashion. Emroidered denim, shoes and clothing catches significant attention, thus today we are happy to draw our attention to the super modern and innovative label My Caramele. It is the brand that offers minimal yet very feminine embroidered womenswear. From basic thirts, to beautiful blouses and shirts, My Caramele is adorning their every piece with a sensual and colourful emroidered ornaments. Strong dedication of their skillfull team shows up in every uniquely created embroidered detail that makes each design inspiring and exclusive. The brands philosophy deeply lies in creating beautiful clothing for women using only the finest garments that will are pleasant and attractive to wear. Today we are styling one of their embroidered tshirts for a stroll in London city in a casual, yet chic street style look creation. Shop your favourite My Caramele piece here: www.caramelefashionhouse.com

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