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30 Sep

Elegant Chic by Chicuel

Imagine if life was one big party, which style would you choose to wear? I guess you would want to look elegant, stylish and just a little bit or even a lot extra than usual. Taking it all seriously, today we are editing a few special London street runaway looks with Chicuel, a Greek brand that clearly understands and sends us a beautiful collection full of extraordinary, sparkly, shiny and bright pieces.

Founded by the talented Eleni Georgiopoulou in 2014, who has always been passionate about fashion and design, Chicuel brand is now able to offer characteristic clothing with intricate designs and inspiring colour palette. Not only the collection embodies ethnic fragments, has strong and elegant aesthetics but also carries quality and impeccable detailing.

The Simone Magazine is glad to represent 5 key looks from Chicuel Autum Winter 2017 collection, that we trust will find affection in every fashion insider’s heart.


Tonal dressing is having its moment these days. While everybody is screaming about the ‘all-red’ outfit combinations, we are thinking ‘all green’. Both colours belong to the same traffic light; therefore, easily remind us that alarming looks are key trends this fall. Green is ready to go, thus here is an example how to dynamically pair the high waisted wide-leg printed trousers and blouse set, with a green tote and green pair of pointed ankle boots. This floaty set elegantly falls and creates an absolutely elegant feel with a little bit of bohemian twist.

Styling alert: You can never go wrong going all bold this season. Just pick the colour you like!


To spicy up the above look, Chicuel has added a beautiful multitasker dress to the collection that also serves as the greatest over coat. Bright and majestic vibe effortlessly flows over the airy wide-leg trousers creating this modern and modest layering.


You no longer need to wear black skirts to own the party. Wide-leg trousers and, especially, if they are from satin or silky materials are here for that. Chicuel brings out the whole satin looking blouse and trousers set for that extra glamour and all black lovers. Beautifully detailed tailoring with exaggerated splits at the bottom of the pants make an essential stylish statement and quote confidence in every woman. The ultimate classic look that will never die.

Styling Tip: Make a statement by matching colourful accessories. Choose ie red mini bag and red boots that are hot trends this fall.


Everybody needs that monochrome confident set piece that you can rock on from the office straight to the weekend brunches. We are pairing the above satin high waisted wide-leg trousers with a loose fit printed blouse. As elegant and chic as it gets we add a pop of coulour by pairing it with bright accessories as well: red bag and red ankle boot to highlight the beautiful tailoring and give it a more ladylike effect.


We feel that this skirt perfectly defines how Chicuel understands chic fashion concept. Beautiful fit, luxe pleasant fabric, intricate and deep cut in one side – it has it all for that a little bit extra chic street look. We are making a contrast by tucking in the green printed loose blouse from the All Green set. The forever piece that is a real must have I every ladies closet.

Styling Tip: It is O.K. adding red accessories again – remember, it is all about traffic lights at the moment!

Become forever chic with Chicuel. Shop this unique brand online at www.chicuel.com

Styled and edited by Simone Stabinskaite

Photography by Gus Snarskis

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