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12 Feb

Editor’s Note | White on White

As much as we adore colours, whitewashed outfits have an important say this season. Not only to bewocked and worn in summer, it is a super chic and and tasteful choice to wear in winter. With February happily going to an end, white on white seems like the perfect outfit to say goodbye to the long winter months! If you are impatient to know how to wear it, read a bit further for our regular Monday’s styling tips!

Styling Tip 1: Don’t be afraid to mix tailoring with casual sweaters.  For this look we are choosing an elegant assymetrix sweater from Chicwish and wide-leg trousers from Closet London. The sweater beautifully falls over the trousers giving a slimming effect and also looks warm through the winter breeze.

Styling Tip 2: Choose white or bright accessories. The good news you are able to choose between white or white accessories. Even better news is that any colour matches with white, so don’t hesitate to grab your favourite handbag as there won’t be a wrong choice. If you like tonal dressing, keep everything white. If you like pop of colour – choose red – it has a striking effect this season.

Styling Tip 3: Choose Neautral Shoes. It is highly recommended to keep neautral shoes, or again play it with white. Neautral or light shaded boots will work well as will give you heigth, whereas darker shades will cut off the bottoms. This time, we are diving into exotic prints trend and styling light snake leather effect ankle booties from Matisse footwear.

To finish off, pull over your favourite coat and wrap yourself up with scarf. We don’t doubt you will come as an inspiration to many of those on the streets!

Have lovely week.

Simone xx

Edited & Styled by Simone Stabinskaite

Photography by Gus Snarskis



Sweater // Chicwish

Trousers // Closet London

Shoes // Matisse Footwear

Handbag // Launer London


Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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