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23 Feb

Dermalogica | Your Face Story

We all know you can read a lot from one’s skin. Our skin can definitely tell a lifetime. Some of us are blessed with less problematic skin, but most of us know what breakouts mean and how much they cost. Today, we are representing the beauty bible brand – Dermalogica. It is the skin expert line that dedicated over 25 business years to analyse our skins and deliver highest quality effective beauty products. Not a surprise it is one of the leading professional skin care brand in the whole world.

As part of their “Every Face Tells a Story” programme, Dermalogica offers Face Mapping skin analysis appointments, where highly trained professional beauticians help to read and decode your skin by its zones, identify problems and accurately prescribe the necessary Dermalogica products. We have had a chance to put our hands on the Dermalogica’s Active Moist that is an oil free moisturiser helping you to improve skin texture and reduce dehydration by working with lemony, cucumber and Burdock extracts.

Not to forget the importance of cleansing your skin, Dermalogica introduces the very brilliant Procleanse oil make up and impurities remover. The oil gently cleanses your skin by removing the dirt 100%. It does. It does not leave your skin dry and in fact, refreshed and plump.
Another factual Dermalogica product to clean your skin is their Overnight Clearing gel, which can be used on the cleansed skin just before the regular moisturiser. Salicylic Acids work through your skin overnight helping to oversee and diminish future breakouts, while the pleasant Tea Tree Oil calms your skin down when you’re asleep.

To finish off – moisturise and protect! Thinking about the pollution and UV rays in the upcoming seasons, it is crucially important to protect your skin. Dermalogica has the ideal skin protector Oil Free Matte emulsion that not only saves your skin but also gives a matt following. Say bye to oily skin with Dermalogica.

Discover your new skin with the best skin therapists at Dermatologica.

This post is in collaboration with DErmalogica & Preen.Me

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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