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6 Dec

December Fashion

Even though December can be fairly mild in London, it does get cold too. It then essential to bring some knitwear into your wardrobes and of course stay warm and healthy throughout the most festive season!

What could be more mood stimulating than a red Christmas jumper? Seriously, there is no Christmas without the red colour, thus why not to wear it too? Here is how The Simone styled bright red knitted jumper and felt festive greeting the first winter month.



For those who are especially bored with pants, can wear it with black denim skirt! Adding vinyl boots, perfect for an elegant stride through the high street, will make some eyes turn. And a statement belt will add extra fashion flair.



Here you’re off to grab a Christmassy GingerBread Latte and ready for a date lunch?


Who says it’s difficult to be stylish in winter when we have all the knitwear and layers?!



Enjoy December in style with The Simone!



Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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