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4 Dec

Debbie Thomas Clinic

Last month, The Simone had an honour previewing a reputable and award wining beauty clinic Debbie Thomas in Chelsea, London.

Feminine beauty is important despite the age. We should learn how to look after our skin to look young and healthy. Debbie Thomas clinic offers number of treatments to suit every ladies demands. The treatments vary from a common laser hair removal, to the teen clean or even body contouring. Using only highest quality and latest equipment, the clinic offers the most luxurious bespoke treatments. Their experienced and professional team will model and advise on the right therapy exclusively for your skin type.

The good news is the clinic is now opening a new sister branch in Harvey Nichols, London. They will be offering daily express skin attention cures should you need one while you’re shopping or after a long day in the office.

Head to the Debbie Thomas Clinic and treat yourself with some beauty happiness, because you’re worth it! You can check out their services on: www.dthomas.com/





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