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6 Apr

Crochet Bag | Urban Queen

With handmade things becoming especially distinct these days, we would like to dedicate this day to a very special and unique Greek handmade handbags brand Urban Queen designed by Markella Fili. It is not just an ordinary bags label, it is the superpower of handmade fashion and talent combined in one. Urban Queen is here to surprise us with their exquisitely creative and luxe handcrafted crochet bags.

Urban Queen’s uniqueness and creativity is really game changing. If you love looking extraordinary and get spotted for wearing rare fashion creations, their handbags can truly become your new obsession. Non repetitive, not boring and smartest designs can become the best new member of your top shelve accessories.

Earthy, bright or nude tones vary throughout their collection. The double metal chain adorns the beautiful style very well letting us to wear it in quite a few ways. Wear it body crossed or on one shoulder, pair it with dresses or jeans, you will find it extremely style friendly and chic.

The Simone handpicked their classic Beatrice crochet bag with leather insert. Nude and sandy colours play a harmonious role here and open up the doors to the variety of styling tricks.

Finally, it is the valuably stylish handbag with a twist of soulfulness and urbanity – that is exactly what a modern nowadays women need!

Order and shop your favourite designs on www.urbanqueen.gr or follow the brand on Instagram @ _urbanqueen_

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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