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26 Oct

Corporate Luxury Wear | Carlo Felice

We are diving into the world of corporate business today, where the casual outfits are no longer appropriate and the corporate pieces are smarter than one another. With this note, we will draw our attention on a more formal yet with a contemporary twist feminine clothing label by Carlo Felice – just where the luxury fashion collides with elegance. Focused on the highest Italian quality garments, Carlo Felice offers a beautiful limited collection of luxurious pieces that are elegant, empowering and attractive. It is the label that stands for the timeless designs using only the finest silk, cotton, wool and leather materials. Each piece come from a historic Italian manufacturers who promise you “quality that will never go out of fashion”.

Whether you are involved into the 5 to 9 business world or simply need an elevating look to compliment your femininity, here is the guide into 5 different looks that The Simone Magazine has prepared for you directly from the centre of the world – London.

The Silver Set

Heritage alike fabrics are having their era this season. Checks, tweeds and especially if they are oversized gets the most of applauds. Carlo Felice follows the fashion forward lead and delivers an outstanding Silver Skirt & Jacket Set. Perfect for important meeting and trust us, with the piece like hat in cab only go very well. Cinch the waist with an oversized waist belt and jump into a thigh high point-toe boots to spicy up the whole outfit. Accessories cannot be too much because the Set already speaks for itself.

Little Blue Dress

As much as we all love black, it is no longer a fashion most wanted colour. This decade, the more colours are introduced into your wardrobe the bigger winning effect it has. With Carlo Felice, we are switching from the little black dress, to the little blue and here is an all blue inspired outfit for those glorious fall days in the capital. Tie it up with a wait-belt or wear it loose, for a more relaxed look. Over the knee boots or heels – it is your time to choose.

Zebra Shirt & Katja Leather Skirt

This time it is all about silk and leather. The featured pieces make up the list of the fashion classics that Carlo Felice represent at its best modernity. 100% natural leather pencil skirt with an alluring zip at the back, make sit a statement wear for not only impressive corporate wear but also a dance away weekend! Silk is another luxury signature at Carlo Felice. Just as this leather skirt is of the finest natural leather, is this 100% silk blouse too. The perfect piece to add up a boost of confidence and making statements with wither skirts, trousers or simply denim.

London Street Style

We are going to prove that Carlo Felice is not only great for making corporate impressions but down casual London streets too. We have styles their Silver Double Breasted Blazer with a pair of chunky knitwear and a light washed denim for an ultimate city chic look.

Looking for a new statement outfits to wear? Carlo Felice pieces can bring a long-lasting joy to your wardrobe! Shop at: www.carlo-felice.com

Edited and styled by Simone Stabinskaite

Photography by Gus Snarskis

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