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13 Feb

Contemporary Couture | Sophy G

This spring, we are drawing our attention to something more special, unexpected and glamorous: juicy couture, contemporary details, voluminous dresses and so much more. Styled in a way that is appropriate enough to peel everybody’s yes off, couture has never looked more appealing. With this intriguing note, we are indulging ourselves into the new Sophy G SS18 collection ‘Unveiled’. It is the designer that puts her heart into the secrets of femininity and twist it with with loads of confidence and elegance. 
The Simone Magazine is happy to unveil and experience a beautiful journey through the new collection and some of the extraordinary designs that are exclusively hand made in Italy. 
The soft collection has been inspired from the modern brides to be that are about to unfold their beauty and power into the new segment of life. 
Delicate garments reflecting women’s tenderness are overspilling with many haute-couture elements and techniques such as sparkly hand-worked embroidery and lace inserts. The whole collection has a beautiful flow of volume through the dreamy pastel and monochrome shades. Each design is adorned with a touch of elevating effect by adding a ruffled collar, frills. For extra elegance, the collection is loving the eternal classics such as organza, taffeta and silk that make each design so special. 
And here are a few of the fresh and supreme Sophy G designs that come in as an extremely innovative yet super attractive way to dress for a wedding or any other occasion to make your appearance loud but with the right amount of femininity. 
Whether it is your own or somebody else’s wedding, Sophy G designs works as an outstanding choice. They are for the women who desire to be independent, beautiful and confident. Available to shop via direct orders on @sophyg.official Instagram or Facebook page. 
Edited and Styled by Simone Stabinskaite
Photography by Gus Snarskis
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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