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22 Nov

Confident Smile Makover | Rothley Lodge Dental Practice

Thankfully, we live in a generation when dental appointments do not need to be nerve wracking and all treatments and yearly check-ups are palm reached. However, it comes with a price of finding an experienced and professional dental clinic that will make you feel at ease. Today, we would like to pay a special tribute to dental masters at Rothley Lodge Dental Practice in Staines, United Kingdom. Located just 30min out of London, Rothley Lodge Dental Clinic has built a respective reputation as a caring and family run practice over the past 32 years. Established by Drs Nick and Jenny Chard, the practice is now run by their son Dr Simon Chard and daughter-in-law Dr Meghan Chard. BDA award winning, as well as Dr Simon gathering Best Dentist in London and United Kingdom awards at the Dentistry Awards, proves the impeccable expertise and responsibilities they hold. Rothley Lodge Dental Practice offers wide spectrum of treatments, NHS services as well as range of cosmetic treatments for an ultimate smile makeover such as composite bonding, Invisalign, teeth whitening and many more.

To prove what an excellent dental practice it is, we will look into results of a few of their famous treatments from up close carried by Dr Simon Chard.


Teeth Whitening

 One of the most common and popular better smile requests is teeth whitening. Forget the impractical, no-long term results providing teeth whitening strips. At Rothley Lodge Dental Practice, they offer a professional teeth whitening treatment with Enlighten Smiles, which is carried using the latest technology and cares for your teeth long term. Starting with a careful smile and teeth check-up, the team at Rothley Lodge Dental Clinic measures your smile using the latest iTero element 3D scanning technology and prepares teeth trays perfectly fitted and comfortable for a two-weeks night wear. Enlighten Smiles Home Kit provides two weeks  gel supplies to be applied to the trays and to be worn at night for 14 nights. For your own care and convenience, desensitizing snap-swabs are provided to help you out with any sensitivity that may arise. The process is very clean and straightforward that instantly helps to achieve few shades whiter smile in a natural effect and n-n-blinding effect.

Cosmetic Composite Bonding  

 Rapidly raising in popularity and thanks to all the advanced dental technicians as Dr Simon Chard at Rothley Lodge Dental Practice, we are now entering the composite bonding era, capable to perfect and makeover our smile from 1 to 100. It is a non-invasive cosmetic alternative to veneers which is much kinder on your teeth and faster results to achieve corrections in shape, gaps and symmetry. It is a pain-free process that involves preparing and cleaning the teeth with special solution for the composite to then be layered at the edge of your teeth. Using the same white resin fillings, the technology allows to reshape and lighten the teeth to a desirable effect. In our example case, in less that 1,5h work the upper teeth were corrected to even out the gaps, symmetrise, shape and even straighten the teeth without any drilling.  It is almost like getting a ‘manicure’ for your teeth but with a much better lasting result. The final effect is a careful and accurate work that Dr Simon Chard carries out gently and with care making sure there is no pressure or inconvenience. The teeth now look more even, much straighter, whiter and overall bigger. All the cracks and imperfections are corrected with an instant result.

Parla Toothpaste Tablets

To add on to all of the above goodness, Dr Simon Chard is also the founder of the sustainable plastic and cruelty free toothpaste tablets range – Parla, that is one of the first toothpaste tablets in the UK. Clean ingredients such as Floride and stain removal agents in a sustainable glass packaging fight against the regular toxic single plastic use toothpaste tabs polluting the landfill with more that 1.5billion tabs each year. Parla cares not only for your teeth hygiene but also for the planet and we believe it is the only way to go! It is an easier and cleaner way to care for your teeth – all you do is chew the tablet for 5 seconds and brush your teeth. No greasy sink stains, no toxic chemicals – only best benefits for your beautiful smile!

Discover Parla here: www.parlatoothpastetabs.com

With the highest recommendations and congratulations, we could not speak better of Rothley Lodge Dental Practice and Dr Simon Chard’s work. It is years of consistent work and highest interest in latest technologies that allow the clinic to be one of the leading ones in the UK. If you are looking for a simple smile check-up, quick fix or cosmetic treatments, do not hesitate to check Rothley Lodge Dental practice here: www.rothleylodgedentalpractice.co.uk 

You will thank us later!

Edited by Simona Snarskis

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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