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29 Jul

Colourful Living Room Makeover with Dunelm

If you are into funky and vibrant interiors, this post might be just for you. Today we are showing you our colourful living room makeover with Dunelm. We are transferring our space from soft greys, to classic blues and styling Halston Velvet Corner Sofa in deep blue for a modern yet fun living space.

Classic Blue is the new Pantone’s colour of the year and we decided to take this colour up to our living room. Dunelm had just the right colour shade sofa for our vision and our living room now looks like their actual showroom! The Halston Velvet Corner Sofa has a retro vs. modern twist and extra soft deep foam seats. It features comfortable winged arms, upholstered cushions and stylish hardwood legs. The quality is another feature we would like to highlight as Dunelm is certainly bringing all the designer feels with this unique couch.

We have decided to funky our living room up by adding extra large colourful posters with a lot of orange and red tones that gave beautiful contrast and more life to our walls. Golden detailing is another feature we wanted to bring into our living room, hence our old silver leaner mirror came in hand. With a good gold metallic spray we transformed the mirror into a shiny gold one that ended up matching our gold round coffee table and floor lamp.

To finish off we added a neutral grey carpet underneath and yellow cushions for the couch et voila, here we have a vibrant colourful living room makeover thanks to Dunelm Halston Velvet Corner Sofa

Feeling inspired by this living room style? You can browse and shop more Dunelm pieces here: www.dunelm.com

Styled and edited by Simone Stabinskaite

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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