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14 Aug

Classic Tote | Strathberry

Do you live in a big city? What are the top 3 essentials for your city life? For us, it is comfortable shoes, trendy sunglasses and most importantly – a decent sized handbag. Today we are paying attention to the handbag that is stylish, big enough to carry all your essentials and a look outstanding. With this note, we are excited to represent, Strathberry an innovative and luxurious handbags label surprising us with their signature bold tones, clean lines and a sleek bar closure.

Totes might not only be the greatest city bags for their generous size but also for that beautiful architecture letting us fit quite many items in. Strathberry introduces us with the most appealing high quality leather handbags in beautiful block colour tones. Handcrafted in Spain with strict and precise lines, sleek golden detailing, Strathberry thinks well about the purpose of their handbags by producing it in a few different sizes. The carefully thought and incredible colour palette is shinning though their collection. At Strathberry, the latest colour trends are being beautifully mixed together and create that ‘oh-my-what-a-handbag’ lift.

Apart from the essential must have black handbag we are going a little bit opposite with a light vanilla shade tone yet complimented with black inserts. This is another classic and forever stylish piece created by Strathbery and here is how The Simone Magazine wears it in Spain and London.



Get inspired by this talented brand and shop your next luxury handbag on: www.strathberry.com



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