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10 Nov

City Travel with Samsonite

We have a special entry for London and travel lovers today. London city life is as always boiling hot and is hard to compete with any smaller cities around Europe. Heavy traffic down the streets, touristic spots, commuters rushing to and off work, crowded underground, double decked buses, black cabs and people literally enjoying life create this beautiful centre of the world called London, thus today we are sharing our glances to London life with Samsonite.

It is all about commuting for Londoners. If it is only heading to London fr some sightseeing or heading to work, which luggage, bag or a backpack would you grab for your daily journey? All commuters live busy lives, thus trustworthy and thoughtful suitcases is a number one priority. Samsonite is satisfying all our travel needs with their super lightweight and high quality luggage and bags. The Simone Magazine would like to give best insight into how to travel in style and comfort with 4 new essential pieces from Samsonite. The suitcases are available to choose in variety of different surfaces, inspiring colour shades and sizes to suit your travel wishes!
Uplight Suitcase
Uplight Toilet Case
Zalia Backpack
Zalia Bailhandle
Ready for your next trip or need to update your office bag? Shop Samsonite on www.samsonite.co.uk
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