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7 Mar

City Life with Samsonite

It is not easy to find a timeless a yet stylish luggage for your travels or even daily city life. There are so many aspects that fall into our criteria when looking for the right piece such as comfort, longevity, colour, weight and etc. Let us take a moment to honour your troubles solver, the famous luggage brand Samsonite, which has it all and even some more! The brand offers a stainless and fashionable luggage, handbags and travel accessories that become beloved for many years to come.
To draw a better picture, here is a glance into the Samsonite’s new limited edition collection Cosmolite that has some game changing features for your commute. The Gold/Silver spinner is the perfect light travel piece that not only weights 1,7 kg but also can be laser personalised! As smart as it is, the four-wheel cabin bag is perfect for both airport life and those that work in the city!
 Samsonite has thought well and to add even more style designed a personalised matching handbag to the Cosmolite luggage range – the My Samsonite handbag in bronze. Beautiful golden personalised initials can be added to the front adorning strap. Don’t you think it is a perfect gift for the upcoming Mother’s Day, doesn’t it?
 Samsonite has the perfect balance between travel and everyday accessories. They haver a durable collection of beautiful wallets too and here is a perfect example of the spacious Karissa wallet in black leather and gold finished detailing.
 The durability and design is what Samsonite is experts in. Their pieces can last you for many years and is a real lifetime investment. Personalise your new luggage now! Shop Samsonite on www.samsonite.co.uk
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Edited & styled by Simone Stabinskaite
Photography by Gus Snarskis
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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