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9 Nov

Chocolate Brown Trend

You might have seen the high-street stores all dominating in the warmest tones such as beige, nudes, brown and chocolate. It if finally exciting to see that the highlights are being put on something else rather than black in the colder season. Thus, today we are here to help you form a glamorous autumnal style that will take you through the day to night events in style and sophistication. All together with that, we will bring over some top hot garments to be included in your seasonal wardrobe before first snow hits in, as well as some excellent styling tips!

How to style chocolate brown tones: First of all, brown is the second classic colour that is super easy to style, thus treat it the same as black. It looks best styled and toned all together or blocked separately.

Must Have Garments This Season: Corduroy, Mesh, Silk and Satin

Corduroy Trend: The material that has long been forgotten and abandoned is now reviving in its best forms. Why its is great? Simply because of its unique and warm surface and seasonal feel. It has now been considered one of the best fabrics to wear for the colder months, thus choosing an overall blazer, trousers or even a set can become one of your most versatile and loved pieces. For our signature look, we choose brown corduroy blazer over a mesh blouse.

Mesh Trend: Oppositely to corduroy, mesh is always a good idea for the sass lovers. Great for both day, if you want to wear something less underneath your blazer, and night if you wand to look extra glamorous. Again, we are choosing some mesh check to spicy up the mix of garments.

Silk/Satin: That’s right, we can officially wear silk and satin off-duty. Dress down by adding some corduroy or knitwear to it, or dress it up with even more silk!

As a tribute to these heavenly garments, here is a full look with all three fabrics in one look, all featuring some delicious chocolate brown tones.

Accessories: Recommended to keep it muted, we chose extra long slouchy boots and a mini handbag in black. Added some gold hair accessories et voila – a very rich and rather smooth look for your next glamorous weekend!

Outfit details below!

Blouse // Asos

Blazer // Tularosa x Revolve

Skirt // Asos

Shoes // AGL Shoes

Handbag // Polene

Sunglasses // Giant Vintage

Hair accessories // Accessorize

Styled and edited by  Simone Stabinskaite @the.simone

Photography by Gus Snarskis


Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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