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5 Jun

Chic Swimwear | La Reveche

We have something special for bikini addicts today. If you are bored of plain and ordinary swimwear, La Reveche is here to outstand! It is a beautiful swimwear label whose signature formula is to adorn pieces with gorgeous chiffon flowery details and who is successfully winning bikini fashion trends at the moment! The featured pairs are two elegant pieces that you can never go wrong with. A classic white one-piece swimsuit with flower strap on one side adorning both front and back. Perfect if you already have a tanned skin – this bikini will not go unspotted. The second choice is a more open and alluring black two piece bikini, which is again prepped with flowers but this time pink! Ideal if you are aiming to get a full on tan! It is not just a usual swimwear brand. La Reveche provides an extraordinary Italian handmade bathing suits for your special getaways. Youthful, playful and chic – that’s all you need for your next beach adventures! Shop your favourite one on: www.iamlareveche.it

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