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28 Mar

Best Spring Heels | Daniel Footwear

Best heels for spring 2018? Do not start thinking high, as the lows can master too! Kitten heels are conquering highstreet shops for many reasons. Firstly, they are climbing their way back from the 80's because they deserve to and secondly, they are the most comfortable and ladylike heels there are. Today we are drawing some inspiration on how to wear and style kitten heels in a fun and colourful way. Having picked out a wonderul pair of shoes from a great designer shoe label Daniel Footwear, we are as always impressed by the quality in the first instance. Soft leather and sleek detailing is just the first yet the best part of Daniel Footwear. The Blue Leather Bow Sling Back...
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27 Mar

Magenta Trousers | SS18

If you can choose new pair of trouserxs, you simply can't be loosing going bright this season. Anything from magnolia pink to lilac is the right colour paletter to wear this spring. Easy to match with other candy colours, you will be surprised how well and head turning it might look! Today we are styling magenta pink trousers with bright accessories and here is how we do it. Firstly, let's have a look into the best colour match with this bright pink shade. Colour match with magenta pink: green, yellow, orange, burgundy red. All of the colours that you may be resisting to wear previously, are the new millennial craves which yu should be considering adding into your wardrobe. If you are not...
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22 Mar

Beauty Update | Valmont

Looking after our face skin, especially with age, becomes one of the main skincare routines. With so many products in the market, how do we know which ones are the best for us? When it comes to foundation, a lot of it depends on the quality of the ingredients and unfortunately, most of them out there are not comolimenting our aging skin. However, the game changing Swiss skincare brand Valmont is here to prove that foundation can be extremelly perfecting with their special Perfecting Powder Cream.The Valmont Perfecting Powder Cream is an extraordinary found. It is the foundation that helps to even out the skin tone with its anti-aging features. Not only it gives a flawless radiant finish but also...
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15 Feb

Military Green

Thinking of a fancy everyday dressing but bored of black? Today we have something spicy - military green and olive shades are one of the most practical ones to include in your dailywear. Both minimal wardrobe lovers and those who like loud and strict dressing can relax as we give out simple tricks how to easily style this colour by monochroming it. Luckily, military green is an absolutely flexible shade, which can easily be styled for an off-duty or a luxe yet relaxed outfit. Either way, we aim for a striking effect by choosing a colour matching jumpsuit from Closet London and a longline jacket by H:ours from Revolve. As always, we love accessorizing thus picking out a matching pouch...
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12 Feb

Editor’s Note | White on White

As much as we adore colours, whitewashed outfits have an important say this season. Not only to bewocked and worn in summer, it is a super chic and and tasteful choice to wear in winter. With February happily going to an end, white on white seems like the perfect outfit to say goodbye to the long winter months! If you are impatient to know how to wear it, read a bit further for our regular Monday's styling tips! Styling Tip 1: Don't be afraid to mix tailoring with casual sweaters.  For this look we are choosing an elegant assymetrix sweater from Chicwish and wide-leg trousers from Closet London. The sweater beautifully falls over the trousers giving a slimming effect and also...
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2 Feb

Weekend Uniform | Chicwish

Who does not love mixing some tailoring with the good old and favourited pair of jeans? Weekend uniform has never been more positive and bright with the love for some green velvet. Today our task is to style the green velvet blazer for an ultimate weekend look. One of the favourite online clothing stores for the most youthful and chic items has  always been Chicwish and we are dedicating this post to one of their very special and outstanding piece.Amongst the overwhelming list of attention grabbing items, our eyes firstly stop by the sleek green blazer, which is not only in green but also in velvet. Apparently, stylish for any kind of season, this green blazer is a real statement...
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20 Dec

Stylish Eyewear | Krewe

Who said you do not need sunglasses in winter? Of course you do, and they are an absolute must! Not only they are great style accessories but also protects you from the very dangerous UV in winter that are treated to be just as dangerous as in winter. Today we are excited to introduce an absolutely millenial sunglasses label Krewe designed to serve trendy and unique souls who are brave enough to pull on their loud eyewear. Featured by many celebrities such as Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Gigi Hadid and many more, Krewe is recognised as the quality providing independed and original eyewear label. Beautiful sunglasses range is also complimented by the stylish opticals selection. Brilliant quality outshines their extraordinary designs,...
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8 Dec

Silver Linings | Party Look 1

It is that time of the year to twinkle with your outfits as much as you can. What are you planning to wear to your first Christmas party this month? or maybe you have already worn? As usual, The Simone Magazine that is always promoting colours and positive apparel, represents a number one party outfit insiration for this season. ALL SILVER EVERYTHING. Remember, as much as you think an all-black outfit looks impressive, it is no longer going to surprise anyone, thus why not targeting a different colour tone such as silver? Isn't that one of the most festive shades to wear? Starting from Christmas to New Year's Eve, we promise this will be an eye catchy choice to wear...
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