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28 Jul

Santorini From Above | Choose Yafy

Wondering how to spicy up your vacation or looking for an exciting present to surprise your special ones? Helicopter ride can be one of a lifetime experience and definitely adds unforgettable thrilsl to your heart. Today we will explore Santorini from above with Choose Yafy, who design personalised holidays on Santorini. Choose Yafy is a highly skilled team of professionals that can help you plan your holiday starting from accommodation to a private boat or helicopter tours.  One of the most luxurious services Choose Yafy can offer is a private helicopter tours around Santorini Island. If you think Santorini  is scenic enough from the ground, let’s experience it from above. The helicopter tour lasts for up to...
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25 Jun

World Class Luxury | La Maltese Estate Buddha-Bar Beach Santorini

I bet we are all familiar with the iconic views of the little white cave houses carved into high cliffs and overlooking the caldera and the most blue Aegean Sea. Famous for its magical sunsets, Santorini has become one of the main islands of love drawing tourists from all parts of the world. For some of them, it is a trip of a lifetime, and for others, it is a dream wedding or honeymoon destination. Today we are indulging into the world class luxury in Santorini with La Maltese Estate. Not only it is the finest hotel, but it has also got one of the best restaurants in the world as its partner – Buddha-Bar Beach. Ultimate modern luxury at...
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11 Jun

Luxury Escape to Greece | Santorini Heritage Mansions

That mild smell of oregano and iced coffee caught up in the most pleasant breeze is what we feel when thinking of Greece. One of the most popular summer destination that have people flowing from all around the world to relax and unwind are Greek islands. No wonder why: glorious sunshine, worlds finest hotels and best private luxury holidays could be found on one of the most beautiful island in the world - Santorini. Today we are visiting Santorini Heritage mansion Kyani, where luxury meets private delights and majestic rustic vibes draws us back to the ancient times and offers the most relaxing stay. Nestling in the ancient Santorini town Megaloghori, mansion cyan is a real heritage to the island. Featuring...
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10 Nov

City Travel with Samsonite

We have a special entry for London and travel lovers today. London city life is as always boiling hot and is hard to compete with any smaller cities around Europe. Heavy traffic down the streets, touristic spots, commuters rushing to and off work, crowded underground, double decked buses, black cabs and people literally enjoying life create this beautiful centre of the world called London, thus today we are sharing our glances to London life with Samsonite. It is all about commuting for Londoners. If it is only heading to London fr some sightseeing or heading to work, which luggage, bag or a backpack would you grab for your daily journey? All commuters live busy lives, thus trustworthy and thoughtful suitcases is...
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18 May

Santorini Fairytale | My Blue Villas

If you do not believe in fairytales, you are most likely change your mind after this story! Santorini, an eternal island of whites and blues has been famous for its striking Caldera scenery, still active volcano and villages perfectly laid out and carved into high cliffs. It is also known for villas and hotels with the most unique and picturesque views in the whole Mediterranean. Attracting thousands of tourists from all parts of the world Santorini has become one of the most wanted romantic holiday, wedding and honeymoon destination. Owning several properties across the island My Blue Villas offers exceptionally unique and authentic accommodations. Nestled in the famous little village Oia, their Island Blue Villa proudly stands overlooking caldera and the...
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9 May

Luxury Getaway | Santorini Heritage Villas

We can feel a major shift happening in the travel industry with more and more personalised and private getaway requests. Today we are getting away to the magical Greek island of blues Santorini, and experiencing grand mansions and luxury feels with Santorini Heritage.
Hidden in one of the most authentic and picturesque village Megalochori, two of the Santorini Heritage mansions stand proudly overlooking historic surroundings. Back in the days belonged to the wine-making families, these mansions have now stylishly restored and serve us with the most luxurious accommodation for you special escape. Private courtyards and swimming pools, relaxation lounges, master bedrooms and esquire bathrooms are what you can rely on in both of their properties. Mansion Kyani is...
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3 May

Artemis Villas | Santorini

This month we are dedicating to one of the most beautiful, unique and picturesque travel destinations in the whole world – Santorini. It is the magical Greek island of blues located in the Southern part of Aegean Sea. Famous for its dramatic views and breathtaking sunsets, Santorini steals our hearts and invites us to discover their magnificent cobbled villages situated on high cliffs and overlooking caldera. We must remind you that this small special island is truly special and extremely popular between tourists from all parts of the world. It is also known as the island of love because of its still active volcano in the midst of caldera views. Not a surprise it is a destination of romance and one...
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20 Apr

What to pack to Santorini | Accessories Edit

Traveling to Greece and wondering what to pack? Wonder no longer as The Simone Magazine is getting ready for the spring break to the island of magical blues - Santorini! We are happy to run you through the must have accessories for your best trip of the year. Let’s start from the top and talk about hats! First of all, remember that Greece is one of those sunshine blessed countries where the summer starts earlier and ends later. As much as we love sunshine and are keen to absorb it all in, we must protect ourselves too, therefore, hats win our accessories top shelve. You can go a long way with a classic fedora straw hat. Not only it will protect...
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