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1 Feb

The Mandeville Hotel | London

Thinking of a short city break for Valentine's Day? You know what they say.. London is always a great idea! With its urban, busy yet thrilling lifestyle, you can find thousands of things to do and relax in one of the beautiful hotels in Central London. It is the city that offers a perfect combination of sightseeing, dinning and nightlife. Today we are stopping by at one of the most well kept luxury boutique hotel The Mandeville right in the heart of Marylebone.Nestling right off the road from Bond Street, the most popular shopping area, The Mandeville Hotel lays perfectly on a quiet street between Victorian buildings and away from the shopping hustles yet close enough to walk by. Impeccable...
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31 Aug

Wine Tasting Getaway in Spain | Bodegas Arzuaga

Nestled in the heart of the famous Ribera del Duero region, just an hour outside of Madrid, sizzling to its crisp and delicious environment lays the spectacular Bodegas Arzuaga winery and the hotel. Today we are transferring you to experience some wine culture sophistication and help you to plan the perfect weekend getaway accompanied with lush nature, luxury and pure relax. Owned by the Arzuaga family, this privileged winery has grown its name for producing one of the finest wines of the region since 1990’s. Boosting over 150 hectares, Bodegas Arzuaga develops a few of different variety grapes: Tempranillo, Tinto Fino, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Wine lovers, will find these names significant and exciting and Bodegas Arzuaga will...
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29 Aug

Iconic London Lunch | The Ivy Tower Bridge

Could there be a better quality time than spending lunch with your family, friends or your loved one accompanied with iconic London views. It is now truly possible at the fresh and newly opened restaurant The Ivy Tower Bridge. Situated on the South bank of Thames, The Ivy opens up to a spectacular treat of view - Tower Bridge right across its windows. Beautiful contemporary décor finished with a lot of luxurious detailing and spiced up with enchanting greenery. The menu carved to perfection includes light and healthy meals as well as innovative cocktails. Experienced and knowledgeable staff will make you feel almost as you were to dine on Titanic! Would love to know how the lunch at The Ivy...
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26 Jul

Stay Today Holiday | Sicily, Palermo

Nothing sweetens our hearts more than the real ‘dolce vita’. The culture that is so rich with nature, most famous food, fruits craved to perfection and wine rewinding us to the best time of our lives, cannot stop us from planning a return there each ear. This year we are putting a special importance to the visit to Sicily, Palermo - the capital of rich architecture mix, noisy and authentic markets and dazzling cultural life. If you are wondering where to find island’s best little private place to stay, we are here to guide and advice! Sizzling away from the busy crowds of Palermo, Stay Today Holiday apartment lays in a quiet and private neighbourhood allowing to enjoy both Palermo and...
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13 Jul

NAC Mayfair Restaurant

Sizzling in the luxuriously vibrant London neighbourhood, NAC Mayfair restaurant opens the doors to a stylish and modern class cuisine for us, the demanding dinners. Trendy and elegant decor, cleanliness and a touch of sophistication is how we would describe the place. It may look as an ordinary ‘French bistro’, but trust us after having dinned through, it will look rather more extraordinary. From the minute of the entrance, knowledgeable staff will greet you leading to your perfectly gathered and sleek marble table, in a minute to be served with refreshing and oh-my-weekend ready cocktails. NAC extensive food menu offers rare gems to start with, such as, as soft as the cloud burrata cheese, which we have to highlight will be...
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28 May

Grace Hotels | Santorini

Dramatic volcanic landscape, perfect mixture of whites and blues that drown in the world’s famous rose blushed sunsets can only have one name – Santorini. Having one of the best 360 island views, lays the luxurious Grace hotel proudly overlooking Caldera. Fabulous because it offers it all – magical postcard views with a modern etched into hillside and open spaced architecture, infinity pools and striking champagne bars or for flavour hunters - one of the best kitchen on the island – Santoro restaurant. Run by the world’s famous and award winning Chef Spyros Agious, Santoro restaurant offers a top class meals to convert your stay on the island into slices of heaven. Extensive tasting menu offers incredible creations from the contemporary...
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18 May

Santorini Fairytale | My Blue Villas

If you do not believe in fairytales, you are most likely change your mind after this story! Santorini, an eternal island of whites and blues has been famous for its striking Caldera scenery, still active volcano and villages perfectly laid out and carved into high cliffs. It is also known for villas and hotels with the most unique and picturesque views in the whole Mediterranean. Attracting thousands of tourists from all parts of the world Santorini has become one of the most wanted romantic holiday, wedding and honeymoon destination. Owning several properties across the island My Blue Villas offers exceptionally unique and authentic accommodations. Nestled in the famous little village Oia, their Island Blue Villa proudly stands overlooking caldera and the...
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9 May

Luxury Getaway | Santorini Heritage Villas

We can feel a major shift happening in the travel industry with more and more personalised and private getaway requests. Today we are getting away to the magical Greek island of blues Santorini, and experiencing grand mansions and luxury feels with Santorini Heritage.
Hidden in one of the most authentic and picturesque village Megalochori, two of the Santorini Heritage mansions stand proudly overlooking historic surroundings. Back in the days belonged to the wine-making families, these mansions have now stylishly restored and serve us with the most luxurious accommodation for you special escape. Private courtyards and swimming pools, relaxation lounges, master bedrooms and esquire bathrooms are what you can rely on in both of their properties. Mansion Kyani is...
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3 May

Artemis Villas | Santorini

This month we are dedicating to one of the most beautiful, unique and picturesque travel destinations in the whole world – Santorini. It is the magical Greek island of blues located in the Southern part of Aegean Sea. Famous for its dramatic views and breathtaking sunsets, Santorini steals our hearts and invites us to discover their magnificent cobbled villages situated on high cliffs and overlooking caldera. We must remind you that this small special island is truly special and extremely popular between tourists from all parts of the world. It is also known as the island of love because of its still active volcano in the midst of caldera views. Not a surprise it is a destination of romance and one...
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