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12 Mar

Must Have Handbags | Winter & Co

Some of us like to collect shoes or accessories, and some of us have a strong crush for handbags. Today we would like to review 2 must have handbags of all times by Winter & Co, who is a sophisticated label providing great quality and elegant leather accessories for every busy ladies needs.  Classic Day Black Handbag A sleek and simple black handbag that is super spacious and especially appreciated by office ladies is the signature design of Winter & Co. Not only it is the most wanted design despite the season but also the most classy. Fitting all of your daily belongings including laptop it still manages to compliment your look with its polished design. It is the only design you...
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7 Mar

City Life with Samsonite

It is not easy to find a timeless a yet stylish luggage for your travels or even daily city life. There are so many aspects that fall into our criteria when looking for the right piece such as comfort, longevity, colour, weight and etc. Let us take a moment to honour your troubles solver, the famous luggage brand Samsonite, which has it all and even some more! The brand offers a stainless and fashionable luggage, handbags and travel accessories that become beloved for many years to come. To draw a better picture, here is a glance into the Samsonite’s new limited edition collection Cosmolite that has some game changing features for your commute. The Gold/Silver spinner is the perfect light travel...
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26 Feb

SS18 Trends | Winser London

It is that time of the year again to lift off our inspirations and cruise into spring. Relaxed tailoring, bold moves and oversized jackets are what you should feel modern cool in this season. We are kicking off the first month of Spring 2018 with a luxury British womenswear label Winser London and sending you some fresh styling ideas directly from London Fashion Week. Whitewashed Outfit Bold moves will be playing strongest games this spring. Pick your favourite colour and tonal pair it. We have chosen a crisp beige shade and style the impeccable Lauren Suit by Winser London. The brand’s tailoring is what should be highlighted here. Their suits are precisely cut and compliment feminine bodies with...
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23 Feb

Clashing Stripes – London Fashion Week

We love when fashion constantly brings us back to the timeless classics. This time, the tribute goes to stripes! We must all have some hidden stripes in our wardrobe, which we thought were long dead but are now ready to be reinvented, mixed and matched. Clashing stripes are the seasons hottest trend, and as original as it sounds, there are not many rules to wear them. Luckily, you are now allowed to risk by mixing the horizontal versus vertical stripes, thin lined prints with thicker ones and etc.The move here is to play with prints. Don't be afraid to pair the stripes even if they are going opposite directions. For this seasons London Fashion week, we are styling the slim...
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15 Feb

Military Green

Thinking of a fancy everyday dressing but bored of black? Today we have something spicy - military green and olive shades are one of the most practical ones to include in your dailywear. Both minimal wardrobe lovers and those who like loud and strict dressing can relax as we give out simple tricks how to easily style this colour by monochroming it. Luckily, military green is an absolutely flexible shade, which can easily be styled for an off-duty or a luxe yet relaxed outfit. Either way, we aim for a striking effect by choosing a colour matching jumpsuit from Closet London and a longline jacket by H:ours from Revolve. As always, we love accessorizing thus picking out a matching pouch...
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13 Feb

Contemporary Couture | Sophy G

This spring, we are drawing our attention to something more special, unexpected and glamorous: juicy couture, contemporary details, voluminous dresses and so much more. Styled in a way that is appropriate enough to peel everybody’s yes off, couture has never looked more appealing. With this intriguing note, we are indulging ourselves into the new Sophy G SS18 collection ‘Unveiled’. It is the designer that puts her heart into the secrets of femininity and twist it with with loads of confidence and elegance.  The Simone Magazine is happy to unveil and experience a beautiful journey through the new collection and some of the extraordinary designs that are exclusively hand made in Italy.  The soft collection has been inspired from the modern brides to be...
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6 Feb

Minimal Jewellery | Luv & Bart

Simple is more. With this note we are drawing some inspirations about minimal jewellery that is very much needed in our daily lives. As much as wel love big hoop earrings and chunky rings, minimal jewellery should not be forgotten. Sometimes, minimal speaks louder than volume, thus today we are adorning ourselves with a beautiful minimal jewellery label Luv & Bart. Luv & Bart is a youthful, dazzling and affordable jewellery label that strives their ways of producing fashionable quality jewellery. We get inspired into their minimal pieces and pick up a beautiful set of pieces featuring little stars and moons charms.Lily Earrings The beautiful Luna necklace falls just perfectly and is both perfect for layering or worn on its own. Sometimes...
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29 Jan

How to Wear Orange | Editor’s Note

For someone’s admiration it might be the colour to love or hate yet today's topic is about wearing and loving orange. The colour that is so deeply cherished by Hermes, is to be taken seriously this season. If you are being daunted by not knowing were to start styling this colour - we are here to share some tricks ant tips! Styling Tip No.1 - White vs. Orange Colour coding is not the easiest task to do for an everyday life. That must be one of the reasons people get locked up wearing black very often. But think simple. Everyone has to love wearing white and the advantage here - there isn’t a shade that could possibly go wrong with it.  Now, see...
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15 Jan

Blush Pink Hues | Editor’s Note

Evening lovely poeple! Monday - No goodbyes and no sorrows for the lost weekend. We are here to spread some positive aroma of the the new and fresh week with grand motivation, passion for life and po-si-tive vibes! With that note, and from now on, I will be sharing even more ideas on how to dress colourful in the upcoming months. With that said, here is a quick Monday outfit inspiration promoting to wear more colours in 2018, and this time it is all about blush pink and burgundy reds. The ultimate root and the thorough goal of The Simone Magazine has been to inspire ladies to wear more diverse and colourful outfit combinations, thus we are not letting go of...
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30 Dec

New Year with Kapten & Son

Let's travel in time where another beautiful year kicks in your heals with new expectations, new dreams and new goals. Have you reached your goals for 2017? Are you purely satisfied with what you have achieved? Have you traveled a lot? Or perhaps you have worked a lot and are ready to celebrate the grand New Year in sparkle sand style? If you have your party dress waiting for you, what we have today is some festive time keepers from Kapten and Son to match. It is the brand who understands what adventurous and dreamy souls wish. It is the brand who suprised us with their minimal and inspirational watches. They are creative, they are unique and they hold a...
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