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3 May

Radiance Secrets | Swiss Clinic

Our skin tends to suffer from stress, air pollution and busy lifestyles more and more these days. Keeping up to look after your skin well becomes a real challenge. With age come fine lines, lack of radiance, glow and firmness issues that become our everyday enemies. The minute we think it is all lost appear the Swiss Clinic products. We have an honour to review Swiss Clinic Skin Renewal Kit that appears to be a real game changer. A Skin Roller and Rejuvenating Serum are their two products that will help to bring your skin's confidence back to your life. There are 540 micro needles in the magic Swiss Clinic's Skin Roller that are made of Japanese surgical steel. Working...
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5 Apr

5 Reasons to Self Tan | Loving Tan

Calling all skin toned darlings today as we are emphasising the masterhood of self tanning! Since spring has officially rolled in completely, our worries to prep our skins for mini skirts and dresses are getting bigger. Pale skin and lack of vitamin D can truly make us look unhealthy, however, the actual danger of naturally tanning under the sun screams out many skin dangers to us. Skin cancer, wrinkles and dark spots can gradually become your long term enemies both when sunbathing or using ultraviolet sun beds. Today we are introducing the hero self tan brand Loving Tan, which not only offers us paraben free products but also a colour guide. Loving Tan has been around and respected for its naturally...
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30 Mar

Beauty of the Week | WANT Skincare

Today we have something special for our inspirational, constantly busy yet fabulous, adventurer women. They must know best it is a real challenge to fit beauty minutes into busy schedules and fight that radical stress and pollution damage. Considering the forever running lifestyles, it is becoming more and more significant to look after your skin with natural ingredients. Today we have a perfect example of a Singapore based ethical brand whose philosophy is focused on protecting our skin from the day to day stress and air pollution. WANT products are particularly attractive because of their brilliantly handcrafted natural ingredients. Formed out from botanical oils minerals, with no added colours, fragrances or preservatives, WANT skincare will effectively look after our skin's radiance...
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4 Mar

Pamper Sunday | Self Skincare

What is your favourite day of the week to relax and pamper your body? For us, it is Sunday. Not only it is another day of the weekend, but also a perfect day to prepare yourself for another tiring business week. Today, we have an absolutely luscious and award winning beauty label Self that offers pure natural and cruelty free products. Self is a luxuriously fresh and innovative beauty label that is focused on sensitive, dry and problematic skin. Not only it strives to provide us with high quality products but also cares after our skin with 100% natural ingredients. As hard as it can be to find a label as such these days, Self is here to add that extra...
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25 Feb

Abotaniq | Beauty Bible

Talking about the ultimate skin drink products today. What are your holly grail products to use when in a need to lift up the life of your tired skin? With a particular focus on eyes and serums, we would like to introduce an innovative beauty label Abotaniq. It is forefront to maintain your skin, but it is even more forefront for us to use toxin free products. Abotaniq is exactly what we mean and is able to offer you that little healthy Bottox filling effect for an instantly healthier and younger skin. Their innovative technologies mixed up with ancient botanical extract recipies lead to a billion-dollar worth beauty treatments for your skin. Focusing on natural ingredients, Abotaniq aims to brilliant the...
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23 Feb

Dermalogica | Your Face Story

We all know you can read a lot from one's skin. Our skin can definitely tell a lifetime. Some of us are blessed with less problematic skin, but most of us know what breakouts mean and how much they cost. Today, we are representing the beauty bible brand - Dermalogica. It is the skin expert line that dedicated over 25 business years to analyse our skins and deliver highest quality effective beauty products. Not a surprise it is one of the leading professional skin care brand in the whole world. As part of their "Every Face Tells a Story" programme, Dermalogica offers Face Mapping skin analysis appointments, where highly trained professional beauticians help to read and decode your skin by its zones,...
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4 Dec

Debbie Thomas Clinic

Last month, The Simone had an honour previewing a reputable and award wining beauty clinic Debbie Thomas in Chelsea, London. Feminine beauty is important despite the age. We should learn how to look after our skin to look young and healthy. Debbie Thomas clinic offers number of treatments to suit every ladies demands. The treatments vary from a common laser hair removal, to the teen clean or even body contouring. Using only highest quality and latest equipment, the clinic offers the most luxurious bespoke treatments. Their experienced and professional team will model and advise on the right therapy exclusively for your skin type. The good news is the clinic is now opening a new sister branch in Harvey Nichols, London. They will...
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29 Nov

Health with Nutrientwise

Feeling stressed? Tired? Positivity abandons your day and you don't have enough energy and motivation to keep going? These are the main signals that your body is hungry for some nutritions. Our busy lifestyles and the fast paced everyday environment soaks up our energy really quickly, thus we need to remember to maintain our bodies with the right supplements. It is crucially important to design your life in a way that feels good, productive and effective. You can always start from the basics such as drinking enough water, but you also need to balance your nourishment. Nutrientwise has been experts in healthy lifestyle since 2011. Their products contain only natural healthy ingredients, therefore, it promises to transform your day into a full...
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20 Aug


Our skin can tell a lifetime, thus we all know how crucial is to take care of it from both inside and outside on a daily basis. Today we have an excellent beauty brand - Self, whose products empower and help the skin to stay nourished and protected with their finest natural ingredients. Especially developed for sensitive skin, it will boost your skin with essential vitamins and suit even normal, dry or eczema skin. An elegant scent evokes freshness and lifts up our beauty to the maximum. Only natural and paraben free ingredients combine their all body and skincare products. Choosing correct cleansing milk or lotion is an essential task for your vital looking skin. Self offers a rich cleansing milk to gently delete...
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1 Mar

The natural glow foundation: Chanel Les Beiges

Have you lost your faith in finding the perfect light coverage and natural looking foundation? Forget heavy foundations! You can trust that the new Chanel Les Beiges is now here for you to bring out healthy glow and boost your youth. If you are a natural makeup lover, you will understand how difficult it is to find the one that would still hide any imperfections. Les beiges creates a super light base without forgetting to lift up your radiance. The coverage feels heavenly smooth, which can be certainly built up for any concern areas. Different from other foundations, Les Beiges perfectly adapts to your face and does not look too oily or shiny. It comes in a few different shades...
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