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16 Dec

Christmas Gift Guide for Her | Luxury Beauty and Wellness Picks

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and showing love through thoughtful gifts. If you're on the hunt for the perfect present for the special women in your life, this guide features a curated selection of luxurious beauty and wellness products. From skincare to scented candles, these gifts are sure to bring delight and indulgence. Beautifect Box White The Beautifect Box is a revolutionary makeup box designed for beauty enthusiasts who value both functionality and style. It's a perfect companion for makeup storage and application, making it a unique and practical gift. Parfums De Marly Delina Trio Coffret This trio set from Parfums De Marly features the delightful Delina Conffret fragrance in three different forms. It's a beautiful gift for anyone who...
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22 Nov

Confident Smile Makover | Rothley Lodge Dental Practice

Thankfully, we live in a generation when dental appointments do not need to be nerve wracking and all treatments and yearly check-ups are palm reached. However, it comes with a price of finding an experienced and professional dental clinic that will make you feel at ease. Today, we would like to pay a special tribute to dental masters at Rothley Lodge Dental Practice in Staines, United Kingdom. Located just 30min out of London, Rothley Lodge Dental Clinic has built a respective reputation as a caring and family run practice over the past 32 years. Established by Drs Nick and Jenny Chard, the practice is now run by their son Dr Simon Chard and daughter-in-law Dr Meghan Chard. BDA award winning,...
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1 Feb

New Scent | Estee Lauder | Beautiful Belle

With the new season come new scents that remind us of fresh fashion choices, new resolutions and new motivations. Estee Lauder newest release has been a romantic and carefree perfume Beautiful Belle to remind us about the awakening feelings coming together with the blossoming season. This extraordinary irreverent fragrance is shying away its attraction moments with the soft and gentle notes of Lychee, Rose Petals, Orange Flower, Gardenia and Marzipan Musk. It is the fragrance that will be loved by sensitive and sensual souls that unwind to their dreams with the help of such romantic scents. Perfect gift for a loving wife or mother. Also, it is an  absolutely great scent to create new travel memories this spring, you can...
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21 Nov

The Scent of London | Penhaligons

For some people, fragrances bring back memories about a certain time of their lives, for others about a particular person or a specific place. Penhaligons London has a full history of all three attacheable memories in their luxurious fragrances. It is the brand that carries history in their scents since 1871. The founder of the brand, Willian Penhaligon was a Cornish barber who trimmed the Shah of Persia’s beard and who arrived to London in 1860’s to pursue his career. His aspiring success began after creating his first fragrance Hammam Bouquet in 1874 that lead to open his first ever fragrance shop. After receiving waves of interest Penhaligons has also earned the royal warrant for their fragrances. That very first...
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20 Aug

2-Step Skincare Routine With Murad

If your skin feels thirsty after the summer heat we have an easy 2-step skincare routine for you to help get back the moisture into your face. Murad Skincare has the perfect Age Reform line that is specifically designed to help your dull skin become live again. Step 1: The forever first step in both your morning and evening routine just has to be a good cleanse. Removing impurities is crucial before applying the second products and non like other cleansers, Murad Refreshing Cleanser is designed to not dry your skin but rather boost it with radiance whilst removing impurities at the same time. Step 2: The miracle step 2 is to apply Nutrient-Charged Water Gel that contains revolutionary Cumulative Hydration-Release Technology...
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14 Aug

Luxury Skincare | Valmont 

If any lady should be an addict to particular things, that should totally be quality skincare. Feeling good in your own skin can certainly bring you an invaluable amounts of confidence and we could not recommend you more to invest in your routine. Today, we have a very special guest brand Valmont who are experts in luxury skincare with their famous AWF5 formula. Many years of laboratory work has finally brought a product range that targets five main components of your skin with its divine products. Going more into details you have to remember, there are five main ingredients in the AWF5 complex that Valmont introduced to target crucial elements of your skin: peptide cocktail to stimulate cellular renewal; Vitamin C...
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6 Jun

Organic Skincare | The Organic Pharmacy

Today we will be going green with our skincare routine. Rising customers interest in natural and pesticides free products finally makes us consider the advantages of using such products. We will also also be revealing a great online destination for shopping your wellbeing goods. Bio Vaistine is a great example where you can discover various natural and organic brands that can help you to improve your beauty and wellbeing both from inside and out. Bio Vaistine has a great selection of products that start from effective vitamins to make up. Today we would like to focus on improving and revitalising our skin with The Organic Pharmacy antioxidant products range. As some of you may have heard, The Organic Pharmacy has risen for its...
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23 Apr

Skincare Routine | Eisenberg Paris

With such a high variety of products skincare products in the market, we tend to experiment more and mix them in our routine. However, we could not highlight enough the importance of sticking to one range or brand of products at a time. But how to know which brand and which products you need? Today we will guide you through the luxury of the Eisenberg Paris skincare products and explain why you should be using it. When it comes to skincare, French beauty secrets can work miracles to your skin. Eisenberg Paris has been born with innovative ideas of the founder Jose Eisenberg, who with the help of modern technologies introduced and patented the Trio -Molecular Formula that works to perfectionise...
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26 Jul

Night Skincare Routine | Votary

As the summer heat raises, we notice how quickly our skin loses oxygen, elasticity and moisture. As much as a little vitamin D from the sun is good on a daily basis, maintaining and feeding our skin with the right ingredient is becoming of a significance importance. Today, we are paying attention how to rescue your skin while sleeping with a thorough night skincare Routine with Votary - one of the leading luxury British skincare brands that focuses only on natural ingredients. With 2 easy steps, you can awaken and leave your skin feeling silky soft, healthy and glowing from the very first blinks in the morning. The first and the most important step for preparing your skin to sleep is...
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4 Jul

Luxury Hair Care | Rossano Ferretti

Haircare should be just as important to us as skincare. Naturally strong, shinny and thick hair is a gift, however, not all of us have that gift. With so many products in the market these days, it is hard to find ones that are effective, enriching and protecting. Luckily, we are excited to introduce a luxurious haircare line released by a celebrity hairdresser Rossano Ferretti - Rossanno Ferretti Parma. After many years of searching, analysing and experiencing, Rossano Ferreti has finally found the finest natural elements to produce an ultimately luxurious haircare line to reveal the sleeping beauty out of our natural hair. Rossano Ferreti Parma products are focused on the natural ingredients from plant to vegetable oils, approved by scientists...
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