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15 Sep

Cashmere by Iphoria

As we are getting closer to the colder season imminently, stocking up on soft knitwear, rollneck sweaters and cardigans is becoming our number one task. Todays question is how to remain stylish and warm in all those thic layers? The first thought taht comes to mind is – cashmere. Two greatest advantages of this heavenly garment are that it is softest and thinest type of wool. Not only it will keep you warm with it’s thin layer, but also feels luxurious and light against your skin. Starting from windy summer evenings to a chilly winter days, cashmere is the greatest investment into your transitional wardobe. It’s impeccable quality will last you through many years if maintained well and can be worn and styled in many different ways. Berlin based accessories and cashmere label Iphoria has been experts for producing high end cashmere pieces for quite a few years now. Not only they produce the finest cashmere pieces but also add fun and youthful lettering to make a statement. Looking for a stylish cashmere piece to layer underneath your office blazer or simply a throw on your sunshine holiday evenings? Shop at Iphoria here: www.shop.iphoria.com

Sunglasses // Kapten and Son

Cashmere sweater // Iphoria

Denim Skirt // Hidden Jeans

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