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28 Apr

Candy Swimsuits | Bondi Born

It is time to take the swimsuits game seriously and bring in onto the next level. No more black and white, no more plain and simple designs. The Australian premium swimwear label is here to introduce us into their unique and one of a kind swimwear.
Unique cuts, figure comforting shapes and bright colours is what the brand proudly offers. Whether you would like to rock a one piece or a creative two piece bikini, Bondi Born will excite you with what they can offer. Super sleek designs, luxurious materials and outstanding colour range varies throughout their collection. The below are two of their stunning designs. Both so different and both so outstanding.

Bondi Born aesthetics closely relate to the stylish and confident women who like to own that scream worth items and are not afraid to show themselves.

Bondi Born quotes: ‘She likes to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose.’ In other words, it is the dream swimwear that is now a reality!

Show your new most impressive swimsuit at www.bondiborn.com and follow on Instagram @bondibornaustralia
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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