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3 Jun

Brave for Colours | Chicwish


Tip of the day: Be brave for colours. We seem to be locked in the black and white world for so long that we get scared of bright reds, yellows and pinks when the summer comes. Red and pink has a particular attention this season and even better if these two are both mixed together. Today we are toning blush pink shades. It may not be the colour for everyone to wear, but by making great contrasts and matching the right accessories – it can be the perfect weekend or evening choice. A good example is the featured pink off the shoulder top and the ruffled 3/4 are only making it better. Going with both jeans or skirts, our match is a more contrasted pink & violet shades tweed mini skirt. As chic as it should be, we are not afraid to grab a super feminine pink handbag to create an all-in girly look for a 10 years younger appearance! Choose pink – it’s the colour of cool now. Shop this top at: www.chicwish.com
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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