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5 Jun

Box Bag Trend | Hieleven

Purchasing a new handbag can be a real challenge, we know. For ladies, it needs to have a real purpose, look cool and most importantly match our wardrobe! Sometimes it is not enough to have just a pretty handbag and most of the times, it needs to be practical. Weekend rest is achieved when grabbing a cell, your wallet and a favourite lipstick. Which bag would you choose to rock that street chic look? Matching most of your biker jackets and going too well with denim or currently peaking boho festival dresses, Hieleven bags are seriously worth attention. A particular attention goes to the box bags this year round. Bright bold colours are on peak, but we are going for a must have choice – the perfectly black little box bag. In fact, it is not that little, and it is not that bold. The featured bag is a special studded cross body bag with assymetrical    golden studs all over it. A beautiful tassel detail and a wide holding strap is complimenting this pretty queen bag. Get some inspiration from the below looks how we styled Hieleven bag and shop on: www.hieleven.com
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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