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25 May

Bohemian Elegance | Nadia Rapti

With summer apparels becoming more and more open air, everybody feels the need to look unique. Luckily, this season’s trends are elevating vintage and boho vibes with extraordinary and unique prints, florals and of the shoulder designs. The Greek designs by Nadia Rapti are exactly what you need to look trendy and fashion forward this summer. This special designer is offering us a daring yet super feminine pieces with an elegant and bohemic twists.

Nadia Rapti is putting a modern spin on her very unique prints by creating trendy cuts and intricate details. The fabrics of every item are lightweight and silky, therefore, make it the perfect to dive through the summer breeze. Suitable both for occasional and street wear, Nadia Rapti designs will find love in your wardrobe.

The featured designs are the gorgeous Caleidoscope Kimono in contrasting red and blue prints and the alluring bare shoulders maxi dress. The diversity and versatility are the best features of these particular pics. The classic Kimono is made to be worn both as a dress and over a good pair of denim. Like we said – bohemic vibe and chic elegance is all throughout Nadia Rapti collection and that what is wanted in this summer’s runaway.

The second design we would like to highlight is the maxi of the shoulder dress in a super desirable print. Almost like a weekend cocktail dress but with a contemporary yet famine vibe. We are putting some edge here and styling it with an oversized studded biker jacket and ankle boots. Who knows when your friends and you will decide to pop to a lively summer festival? With this look you would queen the crowd!

Modern effortless is the new kind of chic actually and Nadia Rapti invites us into her inspiring world of bohemian and modern designs. Discover more on: http://nadiarapti.com/


Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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