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15 Jan

Blush Pink Hues | Editor’s Note

Evening lovely poeple!

Monday – No goodbyes and no sorrows for the lost weekend. We are here to spread some positive aroma of the the new and fresh week with grand motivation, passion for life and po-si-tive vibes! With that note, and from now on, I will be sharing even more ideas on how to dress colourful in the upcoming months. With that said, here is a quick Monday outfit inspiration promoting to wear more colours in 2018, and this time it is all about blush pink and burgundy reds. The ultimate root and the thorough goal of The Simone Magazine has been to inspire ladies to wear more diverse and colourful outfit combinations, thus we are not letting go of our beliefs this year! Good news to our old readers and new news  for those who are new – we are here to be bright, not be afraid to mix and grab the most latest fashion trends. Here is what we think about BLUSH PINK – it is feminine, it is attractive and it is original. Every lady needs a dash of these colours in her life sometimes, and sometimes it can be a lot. Today, we are colour blocking the blush pinks for the ultimate winter outfit: warm sweater + flattering culottes + kitten heels and a mini bag. An easy outfit to greet your day in style and a little more glamour. If you wish to undress a little – pair the look with some white sneakers.

Our styling tip is to colour block the darker bottoms with the lighter top to enhance the shape of all outfit. A red handbag is an advantage! Oh and if you dare to pull on red/burgundy shoes – you’re all set. We promise you will inspire your friends to purchase some pink hues right away!

See outfit details below.

Have a great week!

Simone xx

Editor in Chief

Sunglasses // Jimmy Fairly

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Similar Culottes // Asos

Handbag // Buti

Shoes // AGL Shoes

Watch // Kapten & Son


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