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11 Feb

Best Suits for Spring 2020

Here is a quick guide into a playful and colourful wardrobe for this spring with the best suits for Spring 2020. Think bold, check and pastels and you will turn heads in your city’s streets.

& Other Stories, Blazer, £95 (here), Trousers, £65 (here)

ZARA, Blazer £59.99 (here), Trousers £29.99 (here)

Sandro, Blazer £345 (here), Trousers £239 (here)

ASOS £93.00 (here)

ASOS, Blazer £55 (here), Trousers £35 (here)

MANGO, Blazer £69.99 (here), Trousers £49.99 (here)

RESERVED, Blazer £59.99 (here), Trousers £34.99 (here)

ERIMOS, Blazer $124 (here), Trousers $108 (here)

Edited by Simone Stabinskaite

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