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1 Nov

Autumn Jewellery Trend | PureLeaf

With our wardrobes changing to cosy knitwear, coats and wrap ups, our jewellery demands more statements too. Immersing into more chunky, gold and more remarkable jewellery that could outstand from all the layers is the key. Today we are overlooking the autumn jewellery trends with PureLeaf – an effortlessly stylish and creative jewellery brand from Denmark. It is a sustainable jewellery brand that strives its passion for statement accessories by producing handmade jewels in a shape of different tropical leaves and were going to tell you more about its creative process.

PureLeaf is admired by its sustainable and environmentally friendly production process. The jewellery designs are taken from the real details of different leaves found in the Brazilian rainforests, that is where the jewellery is being produced. Each fallen leaf is being collected by local families in Brazil, who PureLeaf hires to support country’s employment – that is just another great cause that PureLeaf supports. Then, the leaves are being carefully treated, sceletonized and painted with 18 karat gold. Their pieces are also available in white and black gold. PureLeaf also uses recycled gold and solar power to manufacture jewellery. Nevertheless, for every new subscription to their newsletter, the brand plants a new tree in the precious Brazilian rainforest. Because of all the good causes PureLeaf is proud to offer magnificent quality jewellery. With so much love and passion to create stylish and timeless accessories for women, it is an investment jewellery that will be loved, styled and adored for many occasions and seasons.

We have styled the jewellery for a cosy fall day look as well as for evening look with loud makeup. It proves to be a very versatile jewellery to wear that will rain the compliments on you. The range is full of chunky rings that could be worn layered across on one hand or split over two. The delicate earrings fit to the ear perfectly by adapting with its soft texture. For a more loud statement accessory, we picked a stunning gold cuff.

Discover PureLeaf and shop your wishlist here: www.pureleaf.dk

Styled and edited by Simone Stabinskaite

Photography by Gus Snarskis

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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