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14 Oct

Autumn Jewellery | PureLeaf

Even though autumn covers us up in layers, it is time to show the jewellery that is chunky and shiny. Gold or silver, it is your preference to choose but runaways this year are filed with splendid voluminous hoop earrings or shiny statement jewellery that are ideal to be shown with the hair sleeked back or tied up in a ponytail. 

The PureLeaf jewellery is beautiful, elegant and sophisticated piece of art. It is an innovative brand whose uniqueness shows in each of their designs. Drawing inspiration from the tropical side of the world, PureLeaf provides us with extraordinary pieces in the shape of real leaves. Each design goes through an inspiring sustainable creative process, where the real leaves are being skeletonised to then gain and recreate the most precise shape of different plants and leaves. Being processed with 18-karat gold afterwards, PureLeaf designs are not just ordinary jewellery, it is a power jewellery with the spirit of nature. The quality is born in the hands of skilful artisans that are promising impeccable quality and long lasting style with their outstanding statement jewellery.

PureLeaf jewellery is available in beautiful sets of earrings, matching bracelet s and chunky rings. For this autumn, we are going for an oversized massive bracelet, delicate earrings and exaggerated rings in gold for that extra feminine yet loud look. We have paired it with oversized traditional tweed heritage coat and chunky knitwear for those cosy autumnal days. Now, if there is a more suitable jewellery to wear for this transitional season, it simply has to be PureLeaf.

Shop PureLeaf at: www.pureleaf.dk

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