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7 Nov

Ready-to-Wear Couture by Ennemenouno

Eclectic mix of prints, shine and extraordinary sense of fashion is harmonious crossroad for Ennemenouno. It is the brand that dedicated its originality to create elegant and unique ready-to-wear women’s couture collections. If you are into unpredictable fashion and ‘wow’ prêt-à-porter Italian wear, you will find this brand essential. The Simone Magazine is diving into the world of Italian sartorial dressing and styling Ennemenouno for the London city life. Decadent Italian prints and on-point tailoring are the least we can spot in Ennemenouno designs. Inspired by the sartorial traditions, this brand strongly keeps in line with the ‘Made in Italy’ values and delivers a luxe and rich in style modern wear. A great statement look is seen in the first featured...
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6 Nov

Kenmark Eyewear

Fall and winter does not mean that we do not need to wear sunglasses. The UVA’s do not get any less dangerous during winter months, thus that is only good news for our fashionistas. Wearing sunglasses is a perfect for making accessories statements. Should you wish to hide a fairly pale winter face, bad under eyes or rock any outfit – you cannot go wrong adding a pair of sunglasses to your whole look. It is almost as necessary as shoes! We are glad to represent a beautiful online eyewear destination Kenmark Eyewear from Kentucky who offers us a well selected range if both emerging designers sunglasses and spectacles. Strongly focusing on stylish eyewear and quality, Kenmark Opticals can only make...
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2 Nov

Fashion Mules by Rhita Sebti

What is the easiest pair of shoes for you to wear? For some of us it might be a pair of sneakers, but for us today are the mules. Our full attention goes to an innovative and unique footwear label by Rhita Sebti whose collection of luxury mules from Marocco is simply outstanding. It has everything: artistic sense of style, uniqueness and fashion forward designs. Their colourful mules collection starts with care directly from hands of skilful artisans in Marocco. Creative minds are outshining in the spectacular Rhita Sebti’s designs who’s signature feature is a platform mule in contrasting palettes, with luxurious embellishments and editorial worth of appearance. It is that extra pair of shoe that effortlessly lift and spicy up...
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31 Oct

Spektre Sunglasses

Whether it is just to hide away from sun or add a style statement to your look, sunglasses play as one of the greatest and strongest ways to accessorize. Not only they can be great for adding more style but also fix a bad hair or no make up day. No matter if it is summer or winter outside, sunglasses are always needed to protect our eyes. Drawing inspiration where to shop and choosing Italian patent and quality can be on of the greatest wins. Today, we are glad to represent a wonderful sunglasses destination Spektre straight from Milan, whose wide assortments of stylish eyewear instantly helps to elevate our style to the next level. We will be featuring two essential pairs...
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