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25 Feb

Abotaniq | Beauty Bible

Talking about the ultimate skin drink products today. What are your holly grail products to use when in a need to lift up the life of your tired skin? With a particular focus on eyes and serums, we would like to introduce an innovative beauty label Abotaniq. It is forefront to maintain your skin, but it is even more forefront for us to use toxin free products. Abotaniq is exactly what we mean and is able to offer you that little healthy Bottox filling effect for an instantly healthier and younger skin.

Their innovative technologies mixed up with ancient botanical extract recipies lead to a billion-dollar worth beauty treatments for your skin. Focusing on natural ingredients, Abotaniq aims to brilliant the result of feminine beauty. That is why their products are extremely nourishing, hydrating and friendly to use.
Featuring their Vitamin C Serum, which is the recipe if you want to boost your skins collagen. Not to mention that it is oil free it will help to protect your skin against day to day damage. Apply and let it work throughout the night. Wash off in the morning, and Voice Le – you have a plump, bright and radiant skin in the morning.
It is said that eyes mirror your heart. With Abotanique Peptide Eye Cream, your eyes will start a new life. It is a luxurious anti-aging technique for mature skin that worked out its routes to firm and nourish the eye area. Removing any sign of darkness and tiredness, it strongly hydrates the eyes and is pleasantly soft for your skin… Recommended to apply with a ring finger as it has the least of pressure out of the rest of fingers.
We would like to highlight the importance of serums which can significantly transform your skin features and Abotaniq seems to have the perfect one. Its silky and glowy texture can help to restore skins completion by reducing pores, fine lines and wrinkles and most important it aims to even out the blemishes for a more even skin tone. Sounds like what you need?
Do not doubt and shop Abotaniq products at  https://abotaniq.com or follow for updates on
Instagram @abotaniq
Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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