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5 Apr

5 Reasons to Self Tan | Loving Tan

Calling all skin toned darlings today as we are emphasising the masterhood of self tanning! Since spring has officially rolled in completely, our worries to prep our skins for mini skirts and dresses are getting bigger. Pale skin and lack of vitamin D can truly make us look unhealthy, however, the actual danger of naturally tanning under the sun screams out many skin dangers to us. Skin cancer, wrinkles and dark spots can gradually become your long term enemies both when sunbathing or using ultraviolet sun beds.

Today we are introducing the hero self tan brand Loving Tan, which not only offers us paraben free products but also a colour guide. Loving Tan has been around and respected for its naturally looking bronze tan. Their products range from bronze shimmer lotions to musses and to various tan application accessories. The beautiful packaging becomes friendly with you from the very first moment but wait till you test the products out. Light, hydrating and natural looking bronzed skin will accompany you with an absolute confidence boost.

Forget the all year round sunshine needs and create your beautifully tanned skin with Loving Tan. If in doubt why to self tan, the below are 5 reasons why self tan is a brilliant idea.

1. Self Tanning reduces the risk to get skin cancer.
2. It is cheeper than booking a beach holiday!
3. Self Tanning does does develop fine lines as opposed to direct sunlight!
4. Self Tanning gives healthier look by hiding dark under eyes and also gives whiter teeth effect
5. Loving Tan offers colour scheme and you can immediately get the tan you want!





Shop Loving Tan straigt away! www.lovingtan.com

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