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29 Mar

5 Must-buy Shoes SS17 | Charles and Keith

Each year, together with the spring awakening arises the fresh need to upgrade our wardrobes and bring in some new, unseen and colourful items. It works like some kind of floral magic which invites us to reborn in our styles. The Simone suggests jumping out of your dark and black everyday footwear and exchange it into some more exciting and lively items.

Today we would like to magnify the power of the painfully stylish footwear label Charles and Keith. Why is it worth attention? Simply because of the 3 following reasons: It is a fashion forward, affordable and not-the-boring high street footwear. If you are looking for something different oppositely to what you have seen enough in high street shops, Charles and Keith will give you a pleasant face lift from their unrepetitive, trendy and unique shoes for any occasion.

Follow the editor’s choices and be surprised of your next must-have-those-on-my-shelf items!

Slip-ons. We all know slip-on shoes have mastered the SS17 collections in various outcomes. But what if they come in pastel pink? We say it is the ideal shade and happily style them with light summer dresses.

Laced-up. Laced-up sandals, laced up over the knee boots, laced-up ballerinas! Which design would you prefer? Exclusively, we have discovered stunning laced-up red sandals in Charles and Keith collection. Could you think of  better pair to start your new 2017 beach holiday?

Laser cut designs. Bold and plain shoes are fine but laser cut out, nude and heeled mules are new generation. Charles and Keith is again ruling this pair with their exquisite taste.

Pumps. Pointed toe heels are always a huge fashion must haves in the industry. It is one of the items such as pants, you would not leave the house without. Although, we must know they are not always as comfortable, adding chunky heel to it will seriously change things out. Charles and Keith violet pumps seem to be the pair that could brighten up your wardrobe and you would be surprised with how many different items they fit.

Ballerinas. Yes, we all get tired of heels too soon, thus what would be your go-to pair of flats? Charles and Keith is intriguing us again into their nude shades, pointed toes and lace-up bows. Hard to deny, this pair is a real catch!

Release your need for fresh fashion update with Charles & Keith – you won’t be disappointed!
Shop your favourites at www.charleskeith.com and follow on Instagram @charleskeithofficial

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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